STLouIST Board Bills


This page lists all the Board Bills published via the City of Saint Louis RSS Feed.

Board Bills here will have links to relevant information and voting.

BB 60
Recorder of Deeds Office City
BB 59
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 3919 and 3920 Minnesota City
BB 58
Amending 14-C of Article VIII of the City of St. Louis Charter City
BB 57
Soccer Stadium Community Improvement District City
BB 56
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 4635 and 4627 Ridgewood City
BB 55
Iron Hill Community Improvement District City
BB 54
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 3306 Washington City
BB 53
Forest Park Community Improvement District City
BB 52
Supplemental Appropriation to the City of St. Louis Annual Operating Plan for Fiscal Year 2019 2020 City
BB 51
Designating the Parking Commissioner as chairperson of the Parking Commission City
BB 50
Airport Fund Transfer Realted to COVID-19 City
BB 49
CARES Act Funding City
BB 48
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the 310 Debaliviere Ave City
BB 47
Annual Appropriation of the Transportation Sales Tax City
BB 46
City Public Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund � Account TWO City
BB 45
ity Public Transit Sales Tax Trust Fund � Account ONE City
BB 44
Regulating and Controlling Air Pollution City
BB 43
Vacation of Leffingwell northwardly City
BB 42
Vacant Building Board-up City
BB 41
Downtown Steam Distribution System City
BB 9
Revisions to the City of St. Louis Retirement System City
BB 8
Increasing Tax Rate for Early Childhood Services and Programming City
BB 7
Rezoning of Various Properties in Ward 3 on Stoddard, Jefferson and Gamble Streets City
BB 6
14th Ward Liquor Control District City
BB 5
Rezoning 5165 Washington Place City
BB 40
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 5078, 5080-5090 Delmar Blvd. City
BB 4
Rezoning of 5637 Pershing Ave. City
BB 39
Amending Semi Annual Registration Fee for vacant Properties City
BB 38
Supervised Recreation programs City
BB 37
Maintinaing LRA Lots City
BB 36
Drug Addiction and AlcoholismTtreatment Programs for City Residents City
BB 35
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 5143 Delmar Blvd. City
BB 34
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan 811-817 North Kingshighway Blvd. BB34 City
BB 33
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 3535 -3537 Missouri Ave. City
BB 32
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 1800-1808 Washington Blvd. City
BB 31
Chapter 99 Redeveolpment Plan 1417-1433 Tower Grove Ave. City
BB 30
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 3603 Cass City
BB 3
Iron Hill Planned Unit Development District City
BB 29
Residency of City Employees City
BB 28
Expansion of the Port Authority District Boundaries City
BB 27
Third Party Food Delivery and Establishments City
BB 26
Utility Meters City
BB 25
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Grant BB25, NewWardOrder, Board of Aldermen City
BB 24
Traffic Calming Policy City
BB 23
Appropriation for payment of the operating expenses, capital equipment and improvement expenses for the Parking Division City
BB 22
Rezoning 1400 8th Street City
BB 21
Ruggeri Place BB21, Residency, Residency Requirement City
BB 20
Enacting a Curfew for Designated Parks in the 19th Ward City
BB 2
Rezoning of 4172 and 4178 Folsom Ave. City
BB 19
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 5633 - 37 Botanical Avenue City
BB 18
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for 4314 Itaska Street City
BB 17
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan and Blighting Study for the 4500-4510 S. Kingshighway Blvd. Redevelopment Area. City
BB 16
Short Term Notes City
BB 15
Revisions of the St. Louis City Plumbing Code City
BB 13
Transfer of $5,000,000.00 from the Parking Meter Fund to the General Reserve Fund of the City of St. Louis Necessitated by COVID-19 City
BB 12
First Supplemental Agreement to Airport Aid Agreement City
BB 11
Prohibited Actions Against Essential Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic City
BB 10
5347 Nottingham Parking District City
BB 1
The City�s Annual Budget Appropriation for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2021 City
BB 14
Transfer of City Owned Property at 1100 Monroe Street and 1101 Madison Street to the St. Louis Board of Education City
BB 243
Honorary Naming of a Street to Alderman Samuel Moore Way Public Meetings, OpenGovSTL, Calendar City
BB 240
Pay Bill Medical Examiner's Office City
BB 237
Pay Bill Collector of Revenue City
BB 234
Intergovernmetal Transfer Agreement City
BB 227
Storage of Tires City
BB 242
2020 50/50 Sidewalk Progam and St. Louis Works City
BB 241
Honorary Naming of a Street City
BB 239
Street Blocking Permits City
BB 238
Establishing a Citizen Commission City
BB 236
Street Vacation for Union Pacific RR and Switzer City
BB 235
Street Vacation for Tillie, Frederick,Baden, and Newby City
BB 233
Lease Agreement City
BB 232
Prohibiting Commercial Vehicles from Traveling Down Portions of Park Avenue City
BB 231
Police Escort for Building Demolitions City
BB 230
Governing the delivery of paraphernalia for the employees and volunteers of organizations recognized by the Missouri Department of Mental Health as Recovery Community Centers City
BB 229
Sterile Syringe Program City
BB 228
Repealing Section Two Ordinance 70714 Sheriff's Department City
BB 226
Improvements to InterCo Plaza City
BB 225
Improvements 900 N. Tucker City
BB 224
Vacation of Alley 7th and Olive Streets City
BB 223
Paid Parental Leave City
BB 222
Rules Regulating Short-Term Rentals City
BB 221
Short-Term Rental City
BB 220
Vacation of Public Alley bounded by Waterman, Clara Pershing and DeBaliviere City
BB 219
Building Energy Performance Standard (BEPS) City
BB 218
Sale of City Owned Property at 1485-1487 South Vandeventer Avenue City
BB 217
The Sale of City Owned Property at 4219 Gibson Avenue City
BB 216
The Soccer Stadium Redevelopment Area and Plan LCRA Law City
BB 215
Authorizes the Master Redevelopment Agreement for the Soccer Stadium Redevelopment Area City
BB 214
Rezoning of 4478 and 4484 Vista redevelopment City
BB 213
Redevelopment Plan for the 4101 North Grand Blvd. Redevelopment Area redevelopment City
BB 212
Rezoning of 8201 and 8221 Minnesota Avenue Sheriff, Pay City
BB 211
To permanently close, barricade or otherwise impede the flow of traffic on the 4400 block of West Belle Place Zoning City
BB 210
Redevelopment Plan for the Jefferson/Gamble/Elliott/Mills Redevelopment Area Lambert International Airport, Airport Commission, BB210 City
BB 209
Redevelopment Plan for the 5258 and 5268 Maple Ave. Redevelopment Area. Lambert International Airport, Airport Commission, BB209 City
BB 208
Update to the City�s Environmental and Demolition Ordinances Lambert International Airport, Airport Commission, BB208 City
BB 207
2019-2020 Election Efficiency Grant awarded by the Missouri Secretary of State (the �SOS�) BB207, Special Business District City
BB 200
City of St. Louis Employee Pay Bill City
BB 199
The City being designated a Hybrid Entity pertaining to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, P.L. 104-91, as amended (hereinafter HIPAA). City
BB 204
Redevelopment Plan for 6924 Idaho Ave. City