Gateway Garlic

Gateway Garlic urban farms is a interactive farm and garden located in the historic south St. Louis neighborhood of Carondelet. We are also in various locales outside in the sounding counties .We are dedicated to teaching people how to grow food and and to encourage sustainable practices and recycling. Gateway Garlic is an uncertified Organic or Natural farm that grows in ecologically sound ways and uses no pesticides or artificial fertilizers. We grow a diverse crop base as well as encourage the sustainability of Garlic farming. We also farm many other animals such as Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits and Cormo sheep. We hope to have our aquaponic teaching polytunnel in operation as of October1st.Most of our produce is donated and given away to those in need and we offer free growing space for those who wish to grow their own. We believe in egalitarian share values and often collaborate with other local microfarmers, small farmers and growers to benefit the locavore movement and the betterment of the human race.

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