STLouIST Board Bills


This page lists all the Board Bills published via the City of Saint Louis RSS Feed.

Board Bills here will have links to relevant information and voting.

BB 243
Honorary Naming of a Street to Alderman Samuel Moore Way Public Meetings, OpenGovSTL, Calendar City
BB 240
Pay Bill Medical Examiner's Office City
BB 237
Pay Bill Collector of Revenue City
BB 234
Intergovernmetal Transfer Agreement City
BB 227
Storage of Tires City
BB 242
2020 50/50 Sidewalk Progam and St. Louis Works City
BB 241
Honorary Naming of a Street City
BB 239
Street Blocking Permits City
BB 238
Establishing a Citizen Commission City
BB 236
Street Vacation for Union Pacific RR and Switzer City
BB 235
Street Vacation for Tillie, Frederick,Baden, and Newby City
BB 233
Lease Agreement City
BB 232
Prohibiting Commercial Vehicles from Traveling Down Portions of Park Avenue City
BB 231
Police Escort for Building Demolitions City
BB 230
Governing the delivery of paraphernalia for the employees and volunteers of organizations recognized by the Missouri Department of Mental Health as Recovery Community Centers City
BB 229
Sterile Syringe Program City
BB 228
Repealing Section Two Ordinance 70714 Sheriff's Department City
BB 226
Improvements to InterCo Plaza City
BB 225
Improvements 900 N. Tucker City
BB 224
Vacation of Alley 7th and Olive Streets City
BB 223
Paid Parental Leave City
BB 222
Rules Regulating Short-Term Rentals City
BB 221
Short-Term Rental City
BB 220
Vacation of Public Alley bounded by Waterman, Clara Pershing and DeBaliviere City
BB 219
Building Energy Performance Standard (BEPS) City
BB 218
Sale of City Owned Property at 1485-1487 South Vandeventer Avenue City
BB 217
The Sale of City Owned Property at 4219 Gibson Avenue City
BB 216
The Soccer Stadium Redevelopment Area and Plan LCRA Law City
BB 215
Authorizes the Master Redevelopment Agreement for the Soccer Stadium Redevelopment Area City
BB 214
Rezoning of 4478 and 4484 Vista redevelopment City
BB 213
Redevelopment Plan for the 4101 North Grand Blvd. Redevelopment Area redevelopment City
BB 212
Rezoning of 8201 and 8221 Minnesota Avenue Sheriff, Pay City
BB 211
To permanently close, barricade or otherwise impede the flow of traffic on the 4400 block of West Belle Place Zoning City
BB 210
Redevelopment Plan for the Jefferson/Gamble/Elliott/Mills Redevelopment Area Lambert International Airport, Airport Commission, BB210 City
BB 209
Redevelopment Plan for the 5258 and 5268 Maple Ave. Redevelopment Area. Lambert International Airport, Airport Commission, BB209 City
BB 208
Update to the City�s Environmental and Demolition Ordinances Lambert International Airport, Airport Commission, BB208 City
BB 207
2019-2020 Election Efficiency Grant awarded by the Missouri Secretary of State (the �SOS�) BB207, Special Business District City
BB 200
City of St. Louis Employee Pay Bill City
BB 199
The City being designated a Hybrid Entity pertaining to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, P.L. 104-91, as amended (hereinafter HIPAA). City
BB 204
Redevelopment Plan for 6924 Idaho Ave. City
BB 203
Redevelopment Plan for 300 North Tucker City
BB 202
Port District Lease Near Tyler Street City
BB 201
Redevelopment of 3933 Delor St. City
BB 198
Vendor Regulations in the Kingsway East, Kingsway West, Penrose and Marktwian Neighborhoods City
BB 197
3808 Wilmington Redevelopment Area City
BB 196
Three Way Stop at Mardel Avenue and Macklind Avenue City
BB 195
Closing a north-south alley located between Plam Street and Lexington Avenue City
BB 193
Traffic Calming Program BB193, Marijuana City
BB 192
Amendment to Ground Lease at 5927 Suson Place City
BB 191
Amending the City's Temporary Food Permits City
BB 190
Four Way Stop at Oleatha Avenue and January Avenue City
BB 189
Prohibiting the Carrying of Concealed Firearms by Persons Subject to a Restraining Order City
BB 188
Airport Debt Stabilization Fund Transfer City
BB 187
St. Louis Community Foundation Grant LRA, BB187 City
BB 186
Grant Agreement US Deapartment of Homeland Secutity Grand Center, Tax Abatement, TIF City
BB 185
North 2nd Street development Area BB185 City
BB 183
4500 - 4540 Swan Redevelopment Plan City
BB 182
La Saison Scatterd Sites Development Area City
BB 181
Liquor Moratorium 19th Ward City
BB 180
Liquor Moratorium 3:00 A.M. BB180, Marijuana City
BB 179
4 way stop site at N. Garrison and Locust City
BB 178
Annual TIF Bill 2019 City
BB 177
Redevelopment Plan for 5311-6123 and 5302-6122 Dr Martin Luther King BB177, COB, SLMPD, Board Bills City
BB 176
Third Amendment to Fuel System Lease Agreement City
BB 175
Privatization Charter Change BB175, TIF City
BB 174
Establishing Racial Equity Oversight Committee City
BB 173
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan Goodfellow/ West Florissant Scatterd Sites City
BB 172
Unlawful Possession of a Handgun by a Minor City
BB 171
Salary History City
BB 170
Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the Forest Park Transit Oriented Development City
BB 169
Pearl Capital Management LLC Urban Farming, Farm, Farming, STLfarms City
BB 168
Forest Park Transit Oriented Development Redevelopment Are City
BB 167
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan and Blighting Study for the 3426 South Compton Ave. Redevelopment Area City
BB 166
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan and Blighting Study for the 3400 Chippewa St. and 3809 Louisiana Ave. Redevelopment Area City
BB 165
Eliminating the Hadley Dean Building Special Allocation Fund City
BB 164
Eliminating the Lafayette Square Historic District and the 5700 Arsenal Special Allocation Funds City
BB 163
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan and Blighting Study for the 2127 North 11th St. Redevelopment Area City
BB 162
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan and Blighting Study for the 4565-4591 McRee Ave. Redevelopment Area City
BB 161
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan and Blighting Study for 4915-4925 West Pine Blvd City
BB 160
Municipal Courts Building Hotel TIF Redevelopment Plan and Agreement City
BB 159
900 N. Tucker Blvd Redevelopment Area City
BB 158
Authorizing the Issuance of Revenue Notes City
BB 157
Tax Increment Financing for the 900 N. Tucker Redevelopment Project City
BB 156
Expansion of St. Louis Square, Inc. operations City
BB 155
Anheuser Busch�s Soulard Brewery Complex City
BB 154
Build a Bear Earnings and Payroll Tax City
BB 153
Malik and DeBorah Ahmed Way City
BB 152
Prohibiting Conversion Therapy City
BB 151
Improvements to the Homer G. Phillips Dignity House located at Whittier and Kennerly Streets City
BB 150
The Establishment Of The Chouteau Avenue Corridor Community Improvement District City
BB 149
Automated Teller Machine Concession Agreement City
BB 148
Piliot Syringe Services Progarm City
BB 147
Plumbing Code City
BB 146
2018 International Energy Conservation Code City
BB 145
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the Vandeventer/Finney/Washington/Taylor Redevelopment Area. City
BB 144
3765 Lindell Blvd, Redevelopment City
BB 143
Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan for the Washington/Vandeventer/Enright/Pendleton Redevelopment Area. City
BB 142
2633-35 Allen Redevelopment City
BB 141
Tow Trucks City
BB 129
No Hungry Kid City